A vital piece of safety equipment for today’s MPD

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The Global MPD Services’ Mud Gas Separator consists of a cylindrical pressure vessel integrated with a Hydraulic Power Unit and a Telescoping Single Acting Cylinder for self rig up/rig down. Inside, there is a front plate and four-angled baffle plates, stagger from the top to the bottom to optimize the released gas breaks out. The liquid level is regulated by a pre-fixed U-tube design to ensure enough retention time to separate the gas accordingly. 

    • Designed to drill under any MPD technique
    • Five layers of Corrosion-Resistant and Epoxy-Coated
    • Excellent baffle plates system
    • Portable and skid mounted
    • Designed in accordance with ASME and NACE specification (Section VII Division I 2010 Code Stamp)
    • Patent Pending


    • Separates free gas and vents Large Pockets of free gas accumulation from the active Mud System, including toxic gases such as H2S
    • Reduces hazardous gas threats by separating gas carried by the vent line to the Flare Pit / Flare Stack
    • Removes solids through Self Cleaning. The optimized internal Self Cleaning System eliminates the clogging risk in the “U” Tube and Flow Line
    • Simple transport, spotting and installation